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Down Jacket Care Guide

Down Jacket Care Guide

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Caring for, looking after and washing a down jacket is straightforward. Here we answer some of the more frequently asked questions. 

How often should I wash my down jacket?

This depends on how often you use it, and in what conditions. If you spill something on it, try and spot clean it as a first resort. But if your nose begins sending you signals, or grime starts to accumulate, then this means that the time has come to put it in the wash. 

You can send down products to specialist cleaners, however it’s easy to wash yourself. The average wearer might wash it only once every couple of years; others may do so more regularly.

How do I wash my down jacket?

  • Ideally keep to just one item per wash.

  • First, remove any loose dirt by giving your jacket a quick brush over. Close zips.

  • Rinse your detergent drawer clean of old powder or liquid.

  • Follow the temperature instructions on the garment care label.

  • You can use any standard non-biological soap to wash your down jacket. Specific down wash detergents from Nikwax, Grangers or Storm are also available. 

  • Once the wash has finished, you can run a few additional spin cycles to help remove as much excess moisture as possible. The jacket will exit the machine looking flat and sorry. But don't worry - drying will revive it!

How do I dry my down jacket?

  • Place your jacket into a tumble dryer on a low heat for a couple of hours. If you have them, you can add a couple of dryer balls (pictured). These gently impact against the jacket during tumbling, helping to  redistribute the down and prevent clusters from clumping.

  • As the jacket is drying, remove it every 20-30 minutes and agitate the baffles with your fingers to help separate down clumps.

  • Throughout, although the face fabric will quickly seem dry, down itself takes significantly longer to return to a fully dry state. If in doubt, give it another 20-30 minutes.

  • Once fully dry, remove from the dryer. Hang for several hours, or ideally overnight, for full loft and revitalisation to return.

The down in my jacket is clumping up. How do I fix this?

This means the down is not sufficiently dry enough to loft, even if the jacket outer feels dry to touch.

Tumble dry again, 20-30 minutes at a time, until full dryness is achieved. Then hang overnight to help it regain its loft.

How should I store my down jacket?

Avoid compressing your down jacket unless you have to. Ideal storage is on a clothes hanger or hook. 

Avoid storing it compressed in its stuff sack for any longer than necessary.

How do I fix feathers coming out of a down jacket?

  • It is normal for stray quills to extrude occasionally and is easily dealt with.

  • If you see a quill poking through your down jacket, do not pull it through. Pulling through the feather makes the hole big enough for other feathers to follow.

  • Instead, pinch the quill from underneath and then pull it back down and into its baffle. Then roll the fabric between your fingers for a few seconds to restore its natural weave.

How do I fix a tear in my down jacket?

Temporary field repairs can be handled with adhesive tape. This can then be removed once back at home, and replaced with something more durable like McNett Tenacious Tape. Pre-cut adhesive repair patches are also widely available.

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