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The Fine Line

The Fine Line

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Jöttnar’s Willis Morris likes to learn in his own way. Sitting down to follow instruction manuals is not his style. Deep-end immersion but with a healthy dose of sense is the preferred path.

“Life’s short so you’ve got to crack on. Risks are worth taking, but you’ve got to be sensible about it. You don’t want to steal tomorrow’s fun just to have a better day today. But you want to be right on that fine line where you’re getting the most out of every day.”

A self-taught climber who operates at Trad E8, Sport 8b and Winter VIII,9, as well as teaching himself how to paraglide and speedfly, watch Willis learning to rope solo in the French Alps, followed by his usual high-octane descent method back down to the valley floor.

“You want to be right on that fine line where you’re getting the most out of every day.”

Willis Morris is a member of the Jöttnar Pro Team. Read more about him here.


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