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The Allure of Cold Water

The Allure of Cold Water

Alex Jeffers
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The best way to immerse oneself in cold water is normally to do it quickly. Head first or feet first tends to make little difference; it’s the commitment with which it’s done that counts.

Allure of cold water, diving, snow, cold, adventure

It was in the midst of a Norwegian winter when inspiration first took hold: the development of a technical outdoor clothing range that was resilient enough to withstand the brutality of an Arctic environment, whilst capturing the purity and elegance of the Scandinavian landscape.

And so began the immersion.

Horror, shock, relief, disappointment, pride, sleeplessness, satisfaction – they’ve all figured, but enthusiasm and excitement about the future bubbles each day. The safety net of a regular pay cheque and pension contributions have fallen away but the energising effect of being absolutely in one’s own hands is second-to-none.

Regardless of route or grade, it is exactly this search for self-ownership and exhilaration that draws each climber to the mountains and creates the opportunity for magic. The most exacting, ruthless and formidable giants are the ones that live in our heads and facing up to them, even to end in defeat, builds character and resolve that no salary can buy. The route ahead is steep and cold; exactly how we like it.

This journal is the start of that adventure.


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